Thursday, July 12, 2007

ORM - SubSonic rocks

It's been a while since my last post, just delivered a project last week and finally got time to browse around again hahaha :)

As usual, if i need to update my self with the latest news, i will go to and find my self like living in the rock age again ;)

And as usual as well, we can find very interesting things in Scott Guthrie's Blog (

I've been interested lately with the ORM tools, such as nHibernate, ActiveRecords (Built on top of nHibernate). Since previously I used a port of JAVA Persist ORM, it really helped in the development phase since I don't have to do all the DAL classes, Stored Procedures, etc. It generate the code for us based on the provided xml schema (We need to provide this with the relationship between objects).

This time, I found a very interesting tool, called SubSonic.
You can find the website of the tool in (Old one) (Latest one)

You can download the tool and see the SubSonic walkthrough pages.

This one is the one that i like most, because this will guide you for the ASP.Net Web Application Project in detail :

I tested this northwind sample walkthrough and whoa man, I can generate the DAL classes and implement in the web page less than 5 minutes :D (see how lazy I am hohohohoho).

There's a lot of nice features in there, such as build customized query, etc. If you like to try a nice tool, I would recommend this one since it is very straight forward :)

One thing that is very important in the ORM tool is the relationship between the objects, I haven't tested on this one, but I think it should be there or else it will only be ORM without an R in the middle :P

Have fun :)