Saturday, February 3, 2007

Introduction & Background

Hi All,

Actually I want to do this quite a long time ago, because in these years being as a developer, I experienced a lot of difficulties and dead ends that I could not resolve.
But in the end, many thanks to the internet and all the people who have submitted their experiences to the web, I was able to resolve many of them :)
And also many thanks to the people who have helped and guided me in these years, you are all the greatest teachers that i have :D
So hopefully, my posts will be able to help you all, so you don't have to waste hours late in the office like me before :P

A little bit of my background :
I'm actually not from a technical background degree, in fact, i'm from economic degree, but don't ask me anything about it :P
After i finished the final university exam, i worked as a technical support for a several monts, assemblying and disassemblying computer parts, hhhmm... wonder where this part should be :P
After the graduation, got interviewed by several IT companies, kind of hard coz' i'm not from IT background, but in the end, I joined a software house company. They are handling Health Information System. I joined the company in a quite good timing, because they were migrating the previous application from FoxPro to .Net (VB.Net). So this really built my base for .Net knowledges and I have a lot tutors and great colleagues along the way there :)
After 2 years, i moved on to another company, this time it is a mining company and quite isolated, but in the environment, i found a lot of new things here, from doing Macro Excel Reporting, COM+, C#, Web Services, Window Services, Console Applications, Replication Engine, Batch Engine, Scheduler Engine, .Net Interopability with COM+, Enterprise Services, BizTalk Engine, Windows Server 2003, etc. But in the end, it is the great people there who gave and share the knowledges to me :)
After finished my contract, I decided to try my luck abroad and now I'm in a technology company and handling their marketing site. Quite interesting for me, since the application is being used accross the asia pacific japan region, so a lot of customers to handle and to communicate with along the way :)


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