Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mobile RSS Reader - Viigo

It's been some time after my last blog, i just moved to a new company and found several new things to play around ;)
My wife just bought a windows mobile 6 PDA phone for me last month :D so I also spent some time trying to find nice softwares to install.
So as usual, the easiest way to keep up with the latest news is the RSS, so I have been searching in the internet for rss reader for mobile, and I finally found a very nice one : Viigo (
It can run on many popular mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Java, and the most importantly for me is Windows Mobile ;)
The interface looks good and it is very easy to add our own channels (RSS subscriptions), it even has some popular channel list suggestions that we can easily add into our own channels.
So every evening before I go to bed, I will update all the subscription contents, so in the next day I can read them along the journey to the office and also on the way home ;)


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