Monday, March 3, 2008

Regular Expression / RegEx with Expresso

I'm not a RegEx expert :P I'm using RegEx for some simple validations, creating scripts and editing some string.

I remembered the first time i read a RegEx expression a couple of years ago, i said to my self, "WOW, this really looks like an encrypted string rather than an expression" :P

What i want to share here is that several months ago, I stumbled upon Expresso, it is a development tool for regex, this is a powerful stuff, there are tons of features and library resources inside and the authors from Ultrapico is kind enough to give away the tool for free :)

So nowadays, every time i need to create a RegEx expression, i always open up Expresso, test that my RegEx expression (plus the replacement string) is working as expected, then i deploy the expression into the code. Testing the results is much easier and faster than ever ;)

If you do need to work with RegEx, i really suggest you check it out ;)


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