Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Podcast List, Shared RSS Feeds, and Twitter

Podcast List
If you noticed in the right section after my shared feeds, I have compiled the list of podcasts (Audio only & w\Video) into a shared Google Notebook, I have put it there a week ago but I didn't have anytime yet to blog it until now.

This is the podcast list which I'm currently subscribing and listening to them mostly in my daily commute to and from the office.

Shared RSS Feed
I also have a Google Shared feeds at the right section or you can open it up from here.

These are the tools which I have been using in my windows mobile 6 :
1. Viigo - RSS Feed
One great feature of Viigo is I can manage my subscription online through My Viigo website
2. BeyondPod - RSS Feed & Podcatcher
I only use this to subscribe my podcasts since I already have Viigo for RSS Feed

On the desktop / laptop, I'm using Google Reader for my feed subscriptions and yes I need to sync up manually of what i have read in Viigo and Google Reader, I do this because I don't have unlimited data subscription plan for my mobile. I'll probably wait until Google Gears for Mobile can be used for Google Reader Mobile ;)

If you haven't used this, you might want to read Scott Hanselman's post and Robert Scoble's post to see whether it's worth for you to use.
Please add me if you already have a twitter id or you have just joined ;)


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