Thursday, May 29, 2008

BizTalk Wrong Message Type / Schema Routing Problem?

This morning, we saw that numbers of orchestrations were suspended.
After some investigations, we were quite surprised that the messages were sent to wrong orchestrations after being polled by the receive locations.

Below is how the messages should be routed based on the message type / schema subscription.

But what just happened to us was :

The data was polled correctly with the Database Alpha but later the message was constructed with the wrong message type / schema, which caused it to be delivered to the wrong orchestration :(

I have experienced this in the past with my testing box, however it only happened 1 time only and I can't think of at least a way to reproduce the problem.

And BTW, the "Restart the host instance" magic solution saved the day as usual :P

Tell me my dear readers, what i should say to my boss if he asks me about this? ;)


stainless steel barometer said...

BizTalk Wrong Message Type / Schema Routing Problem?
Informative artice. I had gained lot of knowledge from this article. I hope It would be helped in my project too.

acekard said...

Ha ha can say try this boss!you feel relax!Well nice attempt.but you know there is some problem also in this.Is it work like firewall!?

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