Thursday, June 12, 2008

BizTalk MsgBoxViewer

While reading a post from One Blog for BizTalk Engineers, I found an interesting tool, BizTalk MsgBoxViewer, built by Jean-Pierre Auconie, which can be used to monitor and generate reports for BizTalk. You can see a little bit of background of the tool at here.

There are 2 user interfaces to use the tool, through GUI or console.

This is a screen capture for the GUI

BizTalk MsgBoxViewer

This is the screen capture for the consoleBizTalk MsgBoxViewer - Console

And here’s the generated report, I would say that I will need some time to chew the whole report out ;p

BizTalk MsgBoxViewer Report

Go and check it out for your self, it’s definitely worth to try, especially with the “limited” information that we can get by using the BizTalk Administration Console or Health and Activity Tracking :P


vitamin b said...

I have used this tool. This tool is really interesting Tool. This tool is useful to the businessman like me which helps in generating reports.

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